Epic Formula on how to book the perfect Wedding Band

He/She popped the question – Congratulations!! Now what? There is one year of planning, blood, sweat and tears ahead of you. The wedding venue, the dress, the guests, invitations, entertainment, music, ceremony, it is a never-ending list. Getting engaged is just as wonderful as it is a lot of work, here at Audionetwors we work to make it as easy & safe to you to book the entertainment for you. Booka websites for online booking of wedding entertainment were created to simplify the process of booking your wedding band & entertainment, from Ceremony, Drinks Reception to DJ options – you name it, we have it!


This is why I’ve decided to come up with an easy formula to book your wedding band successfully

1. Pre-Planning

Once you have decided on the budget for your wedding day it is important to choose a venue that suits your needs in terms of guests and location. The venue will help you determine the size of band and theme of your big day. Researching online a band for main entertainment can be daunting so using an agency assures you the best professional musicians and the safety of knowing you have a contract with all details.

2. Research & Get Quotes

If you already have a type of band in mind it is easier to ask for professional help, by using Booka platform you can just choose the act and budget so that our professional bookers can find and secure the best suitable cover band for your wedding evening.

3. Notice

Most wedding bands get booked at least one year in advance, so to make sure you don’t miss out on the best acts make sure to ask for quotes well in advance. For this you just need to know the type of band, size & genre, the venue, the date and budget.Notice

4. Booking process

In Booka securing a band couldn’t be any easier, you can confirm the band online just by giving us all details (type of band, venue, location, time slot and budget) and pay the 10% deposit fee.

5. Why should I book online?

Booking online assures you all the best prices, up to 30% savings guaranteed. If you are looking to book the best professional musicians at a cost that wont break the bank, Booka is the way to go.

Get the best prices & hassle free booking, you only have to pay 10% deposit to secure your act.