Perfect entertainment ideas for engagement, christening and birthday parties.

If you are planning for a event you will quickly get the notion of how important the entertainment is to make the party a success. Usually a big portion of your budget must be applied to the entertainment portion of the event, however with Booka website you can easily secure your entertainment for a fraction of the cost. This article is meant to guide you on how to best utilize the Booka platform to find your entertainment online at the best quality and price.


Music & Bands

Having musicians at a party is a traditional way to entertain your guests, there is a reason why music is the most usual method of entertainment at a event – it works!

Researching for the best band or musical act to fit both your taste and budget can be daunting, however with Booka you can leave the final decision to our team of experts to make sure you get the best quality at the best price.

There are some options you can choose from when it comes to musical acts:

  • Booka Trio, Duo or Quartet – gives you the option of choosing the size of band to suit your venue and number of guests.
  • Booka Jazz Band – has the best professional Jazz and Swing Musicians that Ireland has to offer at the best prices.
  • Booka Trad Band – lets you choose the most suited size Traditional Irish ensemble for your event.
  • Booka DJ – helps you choose from a wide variety of DJ live acts.

Unique Entertainment:

As you might know by now, music is not all of what entertainment is made of, there is also some trending alternative options available in this industry. Booka has gathered the most popular acts to add to your event.

  • Booka Fire Performer – is a way to book a safe indoors Digital Fire Show performed by professional jugglers using led Poi sticks giving the visual illusion of real fire, this act is fully customizable!
  • Booka Silent Disco – have you ever heard of Silent Headphone disco? We will explain…if you hire the silent disco kit you get the required number of wireless headphones with two transmitter. All you have to do is prepare two suitable playlists and there you have it, entertainment with no noise curfew!
  • Booka Singing Waiter – this is for sure one of the most popular surprise acts in Ireland at the moment. If you want to surprise your guest with prime singers disguised as waiters and have a laugh at the reveal moment, this is definitely the act for you!
  • Booka Storm Trooper – If you are a Star Wars fan this might be your dream come true, imagine having Storm Trooper greeting your guests into the party with some memorable picture moments. This can now be a reality!

If How to book is the question in your mind just check the video below!  👇🏼